Who are we?

Board of European Students of Technology

BEST is an organisation for students at technical universities. Since 1989 we provide ways to facilitate the communication, cooperation and experience exchange between young european students.

BEST tries to help students to become more open to cultural diversity, also developing their ability to work in an international environment. The organisation is present in 93 technical universities in 33 european countries. In Romanian and The Republic of Moldova there are BEST Local Groups in Brasov, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Chisinau, Iasi and Timisoara.

The story of BEST Iasi begins with some young students from the Technical University “Gheorghe Asachi” from Iasi. During their studies abroad, they discovered BEST and found out what this organisation does. Due to their initiative and with support from the University, in the year 2000 BEST Iasi was official. Through their motivation, Anca, Daniel and Victor managed to found and organisation that manages to inspire young people in Iasi and that, after 17 years of existence, still continues their mission, of developing students.

Today, BEST Iasi has over 60 active members that share and support our mission, vision, values and objectives, together with 152 Alumni that encourage us in the development of our organisation and our members.


team member
Ionuț Chinez
General Secretary

team member text-center
Narcisa Grigoruț
Vice President
Human Resources

team member
Teodora Hugeanu

team member
Ilinca Turcu
Vice President
Public Relations

team member
Ana-Maria Pușcașu

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How do we do things?



Here you have the chance to learn how to create a website from scratch and how to be aware of all the details regarding the resources necessary for organising an event.
Also you can grasp some knowledge on robotics, by working on interesting projects along with the other members of the department!


Those involved in this department make sure that we have all the means necessary to organise an event. Therefore they collaborate with companies to convince them to sponsor our events or to obtain prizes or discounts for our participants.


The members of this department work with the external image of the organisation, from designing a poster, to promotional materials, articles and social media, to mentaining good relations with our stakeholders ( The University, the companies and the students).


This department takes care of the rest of the members: from going out, to parties and teambuilding, to trainings and other activities. Furthermore, it deals with the constant evaluation of our work, to help us improve our activity constantly.

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